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Virginian-Pilot Article on Possibility of Removing Eagles Nests

Virginian-Pilot article with quotes from Don Buma and Reese Lukei.

Norfolk weighs moving Botanical Garden eagle nests

“Don Buma, director of the Norfolk Botanical Garden, said he isn’t convinced that removing the eagle nests would make air travelers safer. He said he would like to see other solutions explored.”

“Because of the territorial nature of eagles, it’s unlikely that the garden’s eagles would roam far from their home,” according to researcher Reese Lukei at the Center for Conservation Biology in Williamsburg.

Lukei, an eagle consultant for the garden and a regular passenger at the airport, said he appreciates the complexity of the situation.

“It’s incumbent upon the airport to address the issue. What the answer is, quite frankly, I don’t know,” Lukei said. “I think moving the nest is just going to force the birds to relocate. It’s not going to chase the birds off.”