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Fall 2016 Update on Dad Norfolk!!!

Since the death of HE (tHE Missus) last January, sightings of Dad Norfolk near his nest tree have been few and far between.  He was seen a few times in and near his nest in February and March with a few females but sadly missed another breeding season.

Eagle On Alliance spends countless hours on the lookout in the area plus we have developed a network in his neighborhood of eagle watchers who report any sighting. He (at least we think it’s Dad Norfolk) has been sighted on the lake a number of times but not in his tree.  But it’s not quite nesting season YET!!!  And we do not know if he has a new mate YET!!!

We have been told by the eagle experts that Dad should return to this tree and this nest!  We hope he does.  His tree and nest made it safely through Hurricane Matthew although other trees in his yard came down.  Dad has always known how to pick the best trees and build the best of nests!  If he does not return to this nest and decides to build elsewhere, he will build in his territory, probably very close by and we will find him!

As the 2016-17 nesting season gets underway, keep Dad in your thoughts and please check back for updates! We are so hoping for a successful season for him!

And always Eagle On!!