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February 4, 2015

Eagle On Alliance is delighted to report that  the eagles have an egg!

An egg was laid February 1, 2015 mid afternoon but we can’t be certain of the exact time!  We have been out observing the eagles for many months and thought when and if there was an egg, we would see a change in behavior.  In the afternoon of February 1, she was in the nest!

The female has never spent much time there – Dad was always in the nest but February 1st she was there and he was on a branch or on the edge of the nest watching over her!  He flew out to either bring in straw or food for her but we couldn’t tell which.  And as of the morning of February 2, in the wind and the rain, she was still in the nest!  We have been back at different times each day and she is still in the nest, with Dad watching over her.  On February 3, we witnessed a ‘nest exchange’ as well.  He flew in to take over incubating duties.  She was seen stretching on a branch and then just flying.  Eagles share time on the eggs.  And one of the pair will always be in or at the nest.

We will continue to monitor the nest of course and post updates!

We would like to thank Mike Inman because without his help and expertise we would have no photos of what happened on February 1st.  His exquisite photo tell the story!  Photo is shared here with his permission!