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Eagle On Alliance Sends Rebuttal to WAVY Coverage Regarding Violation of Nest Removal Permit

Eagle On Alliance Rebuttal of WAVY’s report on illegal nest removals:

April 12, 2013

To:          Typhanny Wiggins, WAVY

From:    Carol Senechal, Eagle On Alliance

Re:         EOA Rebuttal to WAVY Coverage

Thanks for your time this afternoon and we very much appreciate you allowing us to comment on the story you ran on WAVY and FOX 43 last night concerning the eagles at Norfolk Botanical Garden and statements made by the city’s Public Relations Manager, Lori Crouch.

The position of Eagle On Alliance (EOA) remains the same.  The City is in clear violation of the eagles nest removal permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

The City found it necessary to consult USFWS and get answers to submitted questions.  One of those questions was regarding an additional or amended permit to remove two more nests from the Garden.  Our contention has always been that the City has allowed the USDA to remove more nests than allowed by permit and if the City did not feel they also had removed too many nests, why were they discussing removing two additional nests with USFWS?

So far, the USDA has removed seven (7) nests.  The permit allows for the removal of three nests.  USFWS in Hadley, Massachusetts informed EOA that nest #5 was the third nest covered by permit and the city would have to apply for another or amended permit to remove more.  The City did not do that until they had removed two additional nests and are now asking about applying for that permit after the fact.

How can they say they are not in violation?  Our eagle experts advise us that a nest is one stick placed in a tree by an eagle.  There is no other reason an eagle would place a stick in a tree.  This definition has been held by other USFWS offices.

We stand by our argument and by the letter written to the City Manager by our attorney which the City has still failed to answer other than through media statements by Lori Crouch.

Thank you.