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Dad and tHE Missus have a family!!! Egg(s) have hatched!!!!

A wonderful quote and a wonderful photo from a wonderful photographer Mike Inman: “From my experience I already know the answer, but you decide.”

This photo was taken March 12 right after Dad brought a giant fish to the nest!  We think an egg has hatched!  Dad and tHE Missus have a family!!!! He looks so proud!

We have been observing regular nest exchanges and Dad bringing more and more food!  She can be seeen feeding her chick(s) but no view of the small ones just yet!  We can’t tell how many eaglets until they peek over the sides of the nest!  We are keeping a close watch!!!  Stay tuned!!  Eagle On!!!!

This photo is copyright 2015, all rights reserved, and is posted here with Mike Inman’s permission, with the understanding that it may not be copied or reproduced in any way without his express permission. Mike Inman may be contacted via his website for additional information.